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Wrapping Up Summer

As a parent, the end of summer is just before back to school. It doesn’t matter that Fall (the best season, by the way) doesn’t start until later in September. School is next week, that means this is the last week of summer. The last week of riding bikes outside all day, playing in the dirt, watching cartoons all day and staying up late. Not only does this week signify the start of a whole new world as parents (more on that next week), but it also signifies the end of being laid back and letting kids push boundaries.

A Summer Change

This summer was a challenge as it was the first summer as a single Dad. While it is easier having a full-time job that allows me to work from home, it has it’s challenges. During the work week, the kids have been tasked with creating their own summer adventures. It was difficult for them at first because naturally, they wanted me involved in every moment of it (and I wanted to be there, too!). These kids entered the storming seas of uncertainty last year when their Mom and I got divorced, but they have made it through the storm better than ever. Something I thought I would never have again when the divorce happened; my kids have been able to just simply walk into my room to see me while I am working at any given moment. Setting aside arguments, fights and me even banging my head on my desk a couple times (true story), I cannot put a price on the value of these kids in my life. They have taken change, and they have dominated it.

Boys Will Be Boys

The boys went through stages this summer, finding their individuality after doing most things together at the beginning of summer. This summer, Matt spent a lot of time inside on his tablet or playing games on the laptop, but also was big on riding his bike. I wanted him to spend more time outside, however he’s at that age where gaming is a thing, and if he’s doing it where I can keep an eye on it, I’m happy with it (he did however, take my WWE Universal Championship from me on WWE 2K17, so I’m not happy about that!)

Andrew enjoyed everything this summer. Bikes, games, football, baseball, basketball and building a tree fort in the backyard. Active and barely in the house, Andrew is the one who will benefit from the freedoms growing up will provide him as long as he doesn’t take advantage of it. He did not waste a moment.

Joshua was a bit like Andrew, but in his own way. There is a ledge by the stairs that is perfect for his matchbox cars. That was his thing. Cars there 24/7.

My (Usually Dirty) Emma

Emma was all about being outside and playing in dirt, mud, or anything else she could find to argue that I never bathe her (I do, I swear I do!) She is growing up so fast.

This Family

This summer, we enjoyed the changes that came our way. We adapted, we cried together, we prayed together, we made the most of every minute. As we get ready to put away our summer mindsets for the back to school minds (or for me, chaos), I am thankful for all the changes God has brought into our lives this Summer, and thankful for everyone we have enjoyed this summer with!

Dad's Awesome Life

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