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I have noticed something over the last year or so; men need God. That’s it. I am not putting myself up on some platform here and I am sure my ex-Wife would validate that claim, but there needs to come a time when men need to step up, and not be typical men, but be uncommon men.

From news articles, to Facebook posts, it’s clear than men in general have fallen into this area of being content. Being satisfied with being less than what they can be. Husbands cheating on their wives. Dads neglecting their kids. What does it take to realize that God expects more from us, guys? We are the head of the household and spiritual leaders of our families. The devil will go after our kids and our spouses to get to us. If you are not married, you are not excluded here. When God is working in a relationship, the devil will want to break things down as fast as possible. We have to step up.

Have you ever fallen asleep at the wheel when driving? Luckily, I haven’t but a friend has and it’s a moment of chaos. Think about driving with your family and you begin to fall asleep. The car starts to drift a bit and now you are driving into oncoming traffic. Your wife has to reach over and grab the wheel, jerking the car back into the right lane. How many times has your Wife, fiance or even girlfriend in a serious relationship had to reach over and jerk life back into the right lane because you “fell asleep”? We have to step up.

Now more than ever, the devil is attacking relationships. Wives are being drug through the mud and emotionally destroyed, while men stand by and remind them of how they need to be a better Wife. Moms are balancing a full-time job while being a full-time parent, having their faith be questioned by concerns of “I can’t do this alone anymore”. Single women are being ¬†attacked and constantly flooded with the thought that they will never have that family, or be the Wife they really dream of being, because the devil attacks from the moment he sees she may be heading into that relationship. What are we doing, guys? We need to step up.

I have thought quite often about the kind of man I am and want to be recently. I have come up with a list of ways we can start being men of God again, guys. This is by no means something to compare to others, but you know what? It’s a start.

Find Your Integrity

Men, there is nothing more disastrous than being a man who is full of talk and no action. Trust me. Words need to mean something. They need to have merit. They need to show that when we say something, we mean it. If we don’t follow through, our words are a lie. Take a moment and look at the things you say, and if your actions match up. Did you say you’d do the laundry, then watch football all day instead? Your Wife sees that as you not following through.

Ephesians 5:25

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her“. Boom! There it is. Take a second to think about how much Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, then let me know if you feel disappointment in your stomach for how you’ve loved your Wife. Christ died for the church, in case you didn’t know. Have you died for your Wife? By that, I mean have you set selfish ways aside to love her no matter what? Not married? Well, I don’t think you are off the hook. Sure, a relation ship with another woman doesn’t start with love, but the basics of love is there. Genuinely being interested in her, purposely saying nice things because you want to, not because you should, holding hands to show affection. It’s all there. Be intentional guys. Love your Wife.

Teach Your Kids

There is nothing better than learning how to throw a football, or catching a baseball. As a kid, it’s amazing! I remember one time wrestling with my Dad and I body slammed him for the first time; it was glorious. But Dads, there is more to teaching your kids than just leisure. Your kids need to know about wrong and right, about decision making, about how to treat a woman, about how to lead a family. Looking back, I found myself struggling to be a good Husband and a good Dad, because I didn’t get examples of how to treat my Wife, or how to be a Dad who teaches his kids. Get out of your comfort zone; you’re Dad! You have an advantage to teaching your kids, because Dads are fun. Dads are goofy. Dads are the example. Be a Dad with purpose.

Be Uncommon Men

It’s a steep slope, making a change to be an uncommon man. It may not feel natural to you because doing things the right way requires effort. You cannot be lazy guys. Women, kids, families depend on us. God expects more from us. We want to be able to go through this life setting an example of something different

Be different. Be uncommon.

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