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When it comes to being a parent, nothing can be more important than building your child up with character, wisdom and skills. After all, it is kinda our responsibility to be sure they can survive as an adult in this crazy world. Kinda. However, we have another important influence on our children and that is sharing faith. Faith? Yeah. It’s pretty important when striving to have a Christian household and you may be thinking “I have problems talking to others about my faith, how am I supposed to talk with my kids about it?” Kids have a high expectation of us, don’t they Dads? However, we’re not invincible and that is exactly what our kids need to see.

Sharing Faith: How?

If you’re anything like me, you get anxiety with the thought of talking to someone else about your faith, who doesn’t share it with you. The idea of possibly being caught of guard with no answer or response makes me sick to my stomach. It’s something I am working on because we’re called by God to share the Word of God. However, when it comes to our kids, it will do them good to see us caught off guard and there are a few ways we can share our faith with our kids.

1. Living Our Faith

What guides our day-to-day and how to we handle the stress and drama of the day? This influences our kids, who look up to us and how we respond even when we don’t notice it. By living our lives for God, we set an example of how our kids should be living their lives. For Him.

2. Sharing Our Faith

While that’s the whole topic of this post, it can be broken down too. Sharing with your kids the times during the day where you had to completely back off of something and just pray to God about it then continue is huge. When our kids see that we not only live for God, but we also seek him throughout our day, we’re letting our kids know it’s ok to go to God for help. It’s also good practice for praying instead of worrying, as that’s a pretty large mental task – even for Dads.

3. Get Involved at Church

I can say from experience, nothing gets kids more energetic about learning about God, His Word and church than when us Dads volunteer at church. God wants us involved in His big plans, and when we get involved and serve Him, we show our kids that it’s not something “extra” we do, but it’s expected of us.

4. Pray Together

It’s last on my list, but not last in important. Nothing, NOTHING is as important as praying with your kids. Prayer is how you communicate with God and how you learn to hear His voice. Praying in the morning before leaving for school and at night before bed are two great times to incorporate this into your daily routine to highlight God to your kids. After a while, they will begin to have their own things to pray about, and these prayer times become more than you praying with them, but you all praying together.

Sharing Faith

Sharing Faith: Why?

What’s in it for the kids? Well. Everything. There is no downside to focusing on God more in your life personally and with your kids. The benefits of sharing faith are endless, however I’ve included a few things to encourage you.

1. They Learn that God Comes First

When you focus on God and make him the top priority in your day, you show your kids that God comes first. And for a very good reason – He’s our creator! How cool, right?

2. They Learn to Find Ways to See What God is Doing in Their Lives

When God comes first and you show that by how you live, pray and function, you will teach your kids how to find what God IS doing in their lives instead of what God isn’t doing. When you can focus on what God IS doing, you remove the devil’s hold over you with things like loneliness, emptiness and temptation.

3. They Learn to Act with Integrity. On Purpose.

Have you ever heard the phrase “You have to be intentional”? There are a wide range of applications for this phrase, and it can be no different when it comes to sharing faith and what our kids get out of it. When kids see how us Dads act and how we choose certain mindsets or certain methods of doing things because of God, we teach them how to be intentional and do things on purpose. Teaching this when they are kids will help them grow into teens and young adults who have a great sense of integrity because of the Lord, and because they choose to put him first on purpose.

4. They Need to See that “Super Dad” Needs God’s Strength?

Dads, I mentioned it previously – we’re not invincible. We have moments of weakness and if my kids learned anything about their Dad in the last year, it’s that God’s strength held me up when I couldn’t even stand. They need to see this. They need to see us drop to our knees and just ask God for help and that we can’t do everything on our own – we’re not supposed to. God’s strength can only show up and do wonders when we are weak so, be weak and let God be strong.

It’s a big thing, sharing faith with our kids. We can’t rely on the church to do it as they get a fraction of the time we do with our kids. Just as we need to be the spiritual umbrella of our household, the shield for our Wives and the sword for our kids, we also need to teach them. Teach them how to be Godly men and women. Their expectations for EVERYTHING comes from us. How we treat their Mother will show them what a relationship looks like just like how we live our lives shows them to either live for Christ, or to live for this world.

How do you share your faith with your kids? I’d love to hear from you and read your stories.

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