School Milestones

5th Grade Graduation
Today was the last day of school for the kids. A joyous time for the kids as it meant the true start to summer, but bittersweet for this Dad. This year featured two milestones reminding me that while days go by slow, years fly by.

Emma Kindergarten Graduation
Emma’s Kindergarten Graduation, June 2018

This afternoon, Emma graduated from Kindergarten. Her first year of elementary school is behind her and it was a great moment. Emma started the year shy and unsure of everything and today was as comfortable as ever. Emma went from being the shy girl who can’t stop chatting with her friends. I am so excited for what 1st grade will bring for her next year!

Matt's 5th Grade Graduation
Matt’s 5th Grade Graduation, June 2018.

After Emma’s ceremony, Matt had his 5th-grade graduation. As I watched him walk on stage and shake the hands of his teachers, it was the first time I felt like life was passing me by. Next year, Matt starts middle school and school life will be shoved into high gear for him. I am so proud of the little man he is becoming, yet still, enjoy the little guy he is.

School is out and summer is here. New friends, a new home and new experiences, we’re ready to take on this summer with excitement and energy. Well, at least the kids will. Me? I could use a nap.
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  1. For children to thrive in school, they need to have some mastery of speaking.Children who are effective communicators feel more confident speaking up in school, which helps teachers better understand when they understand a concept, and determine when that child needs more guidance.

    • I agree, Addy. If a child cannot communicate, opportunities to help the child are missed because teachers simply are unaware of a problem. Thanks for reading!


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