Peace and Quiet


Sadly, that is not me in the above picture enjoying what could be a cup of coffee. I also don’t wear blue socks.

The second week of school is underway, and things are pretty quiet over here at the house. While back to school can bring different emotions, now that the first week is out of the way it’s time to start turning inward. With peace and quiet, what can I get back into tip-top shape around here?

Saying Goodbye to Summer Chaos

This summer was great. It was a change for all four kids and myself, so we had our ups and downs, but mostly ups. As a single parent this Summer, staying on top of being organized was quite the challenge. Everyone was constantly moving, and there was always something going on. Mix that in with working full-time from home, and having non-chaotic moments were rare. With the start of school and cooler weather, it’s time to take a look at how I can start replacing the chaos with organization and even better; routine!

Hello Organization, Routines, Peace and Quiet!

I am big on lists. I have lists for my lists, because why not? However, one thing I wasn’t able to capitalize on was getting some chore lists together for the kids. While they did clean up and such most of the time, there was no defined set of expectations for them. Routines were something that I failed at over the summer most days of the week. I am looking forward to getting some routines in place and more organization around the house, and personally. It’s not just during the school day where peace and quiet comes this coming school year as co-parenting kicks in with the kids’ Mom.

Co-Parenting Challenges

This past summer, I was a single Dad. No need to go into details, but the kids lived with me and we owned this summer. Now that their Mom is in a better position to be a Mom, time with the kids will be split starting this week. It’s bittersweet, but it’s also so welcomed. From the moment divorce was mentioned, the constant between their Mom and I was that the kids came first and what the kids need are Dad and Mom. I look forward to them getting back to seeing their Mom more often in addition to taking advantage of some extra free time for me, which has been pretty rare.

Pursuing New (Old) Hobbies

The extra time I will have, I hope I will turn into productive moments. It has been a long time since I’ve pursued something to better my education or career. There just hasn’t been much time for it. It has been some time since I’ve stood behind a camera for more than just to snapshots of the kids’ day-to-day life. It may be time to get back into photography because I can live behind a camera.

What about you? What are your plans with the peace and quiet of back to school?

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