I’m a Dad of 4 amazing kids, Pepsi and music lover, blogger and writer. Sometimes, I sleep.

Summer 2018: New Home and New Friends - Dad's Awesome LifeHi, I’m Jon. I am a blogger and content creator. I write about various topics for my site Dad’s Awesome Life. Topics like parenting, school, kids, being a man of God, relationships, and how I screwed up my marriage.

I don’t consider myself an extraordinary person, but I do have experiences that I want to share, valleys that I have been in too long, and a path that I have walked back to a God I turned my back on. It’s not about religion, but about faith. Having 4 kids and no longer being married to their Mother, I understand the pitfalls I have put my own kids in with being negligent in my own life and faith. This is where I pull inspiration for my writing, blog posts and anything else I post online.

When I became a Dad in 2006, I had no idea what I was in for; I didn’t want kids until the moment my eyes met M’s. For the longest time, I was one of those men who coasted through life. Minimal effort and choosing to not shoulder the responsibility of being a Husband and a Dad. The life I was living made it easier to just give in and give up. This lead to my divorce in 2016 and my life hit bottom. With help from God, my Sister and close friends, I built a foundation on that bottom and turned the worst point in my life into the beginning of a new life.

As a single Dad, I am grateful to be able to work from home and have an employer who respects the flexibility of that being a single Dad requires. Faith in my God and music fills my soul. The Detroit Lions become an obsession in September of every year. Currently, I am focused on writing and look to contribute to more websites than just this blog, in addition to social media and content management.

As an eleven-year-old about to start Middle School (as of this writing), life is getting crazy. One thing that doesn’t change, is M’s desire to find the good and fun in things, even when he doesn’t realize it. Full of ideas and inspiration, M is the creative type who constantly works towards adding new content to his YouTube channel, Gaming with Matt Matt. M is big on Minecraft and ROBLOX and is taking time to learn animation, so he can add better content to his YouTube channel. When he isn’t thinking about YouTube, he is watching Naruto, a Japanese anime show that has captured his imagination over the last year or so.

If there is one way I can describe A, it is intense. In everything A does, the intensity is at the core of it. Whether it’s watching The Arrow and yelling at the TV at the end of an episode, playing Fortnite on the PlayStation 4 and hyping up his “epic sniping skills”, or playing catch outside and pretending he’s Golden Tate catching the winning touchdown pass, A is a live wire. Just turning ten this past summer, A is going through that pre-teen period where his high energy, intense personality gets him in his share of trouble, but that is what Makes A, A. The sports star of the family, A is always outside with a football or a basketball.

J is possibly the most caring and kind child I know while being the rudest child I know, at the same time. My Best Buddy likes to cover all areas of the chart when it comes to behavior. Always full speed ahead, J is constantly finding himself not realizing his own strength and just having the time of his life. What I love the most about J, is that despite his enjoyment of video games, he’d rather play with his matchbox cars more than anything else. Never shying away from getting in the dirt, or getting his hands dirty helping with ay type of improvement project. J is an information seeker and is always looking to do something different or learn something new.

Oh, my six-year-old princess with the attitude of a teenager. How you capture my heart just by looking at me. E has really come out of her shell and grown in the last two years. Obsessed with Barbies and makeup, E can be found yelling at or fighting with one of the boys more often than not. As the only girl, she makes her voice heard and struggles with kindness. The only girl for this guy, E loves bedtime stories. Lately, we have been reading from Junie B. Jones books, which E loves.