Kids Pick the Worst Times to Need Something

Kids Pick the Worst Times to Need Something

Kids have unmatched timing.

Working from home, the kids still have their moments where they think I’m just sitting around, wasting time at the computer. So, they will ask me things every five minutes.

“Dad, can I have a snack?”

“Dad, do you have any money for V-Bucks?”

“Dad, can I go outside?”

While obviously, I don’t mind them coming to me about things, it’s constant at the times where I’d love for them NOT to come to me about things. Like…

…when I’m working

…when I’m watching the rare TV show

…when I’m playing a video game

…when I’m trying to relax in any way

“Dad, can I have another snack?”

Kids have a sixth sense, which is to know when you’re trying to relax or you don’t have a minute.

However, there IS a time when the kids don’t bother me. You want to know what time that is?


Yep. I’m convinced that if I cleaned 24/7, I’d never be bothered. Ha!

Humor is what gets me through the stress of being a single Dad. I have to find the humor in everything. I mentioned this to the kids once and they went and talked among themselves, then came at me, all 4 of them with “Dad! Dad! Dad!”.

Being a Dad is awesome…

“Dad, I’m STARRRRRRVING! Can I have another snack?”

…well, most of the time!

What are the moments where you wish you could just have some time to yourself that never seems to work out?


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