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Last month, I posted about Uncommon Men and the type of man God expects us to be, but I didn’t touch much on kids & church. This past summer, we found our church home and was pulled towards doing something. I was always one to wait for the right moment, which never came; I procrastinated. With this new leaf and chapter in my life, I have turned to service around kids.

Desire to Serve

My desire to serve at church is something I have fought with. I never found the place that felt right for me I have placed a lot of emphasis on people and where I thought I wanted to serve. Since I wasn’t listening to God, it wasn’t working out. When I started going back to Life Bridge Church this summer, I immediately felt like I needed to get involved. Instead of beating around the bush or procrastinating, I jumped right in, got out of my comfort zone and got involved.

Kids Are My Life

Being a Dad of four amazing kids, it’s no secret that kids are my life; that’s just how it is. Rarely, does something I say or do not directly involve kids. So, it made sense that if I was going to serve God, that I would do this in a kids environment. It was something I have been thinking about for a long time, and a former Pastor of mine even said he pictured me serving and being involved with kids. I thought it was the perfect way to serve, honor God, and have fun.

Following God’s Lead

I have felt God pulling me to serve for a while now, as mentioned before. I always pictured myself in some sort of IT-based volunteering role, but it never worked out in past attempts to serve. When the kids and I were attending Southpoint Christian Community Church, I continued to feel like God was telling me I belonged around kids, but I didn’t feel like God was calling me to be at that church. When returning to Life Bridge, I immediately felt comfortable and felt like God was telling me this was the place. It was after our second week there, I talked to someone about serving.


What is missing these days, is positive, male role models. Men have a HUGE responsibility in God’s eyes, and many times we fall short. Not only are we the head of our families but we are the example of how to talk to God. Don’t forget, also to get to know Him, treat women and treat others. What a great opportunity to help kids understand this than by being that for them.

My Vision

I would love to be involved in a teen youth program. Have an open door to the kids at the church, even if it’s just to come by to watch a football game; conversation will arise, and fellowship is amazing.

I am excited to do God’s work as He is calling me to greater places. It also doesn’t hurt that the kids think it’s cool too.

Dad's Awesome Life



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