It’s Been A Minute

Image Credit: Free-Photos on Pixabay

In November, I decided to take a break from blogging. I chose to take a break, and think about if I really wanted to continue blogging. I was enjoying it, and the social media involvement that came with it, but I began questioning if I was happy with it.

I wasn’t.

In fact, it was more than that. It was deeper than just being happy with what I was doing. It was anxiety.

Unfortunately, the depression I’ve battled off and on over a fifteen-year span of my teenage and adult life manifests itself into anxiety and emotional fear. More specifically, I often find myself dealing with imposter syndrome.

When I stepped back from blogging and social media, it crept into my life, and told me I didn’t below here; writing about being a parent. How often do we think who does that person think they are when someone tries to tell us how to act, or what we should or shouldn’t say? Ever notice it’s often different when it’s your inner voice speaking to yourself like that?

When your self-esteem is already beaten up on the ground from years of depression, ongoing anxiety attacks and constant reminders of emotional bullying, it’s hard to fight that inner voice.

Some random almost-Friday thoughts to chew on as I get back on track

Depressed? Emotionally bullied? You’re NOT alone. Email me if you need someone to talk to.


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