I Started Driving with Lyft

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Driving with LyftHave you ever come to the point where you say “Man, I’m broke!“? I’m talking ‘I could sell an arm’ levels of broke. At some point, we all have. I’ve been in that place for far too long and I decided to do something about it with some side hustle.

I Started Driving with Lyft

It’s that time of the year. You know the time. Christmas! Here in our house, Christmas is Jesus-centered, however that doesn’t mean there aren’t gifts. My fiances are always strapped this time of year. Well let’s face it, they are strapped all year round. After much praying about how I can fix this situation, some ideas came to mind which were not possible.

  • A new job? Not as a single Dad. The flexibility of working form home is just too beneficial
  • Shoot Photography? Someday, but it’s not an immediate answer.
  • Web Development? I’ve beat that horse dead more than once. Not happening.

So, that’s when I started to think outside the box. Not for a replacement of current income, but a way to add to it. Side hustle if you will. Sure, photography could be my side hustle, but I don’t want to look the passion for photography by adding “I need to make money yesterday” to it. I thought about signing up with Shipt – you know, the grocery delivery service mainly running with Meijer stores. However, grocery shopping isn’t a strong skill of mine. So, last week I started driving with Lyft.

So far, I have been pretty happy with it. I do have some boundaries I won’t cross. For example, I don’t plan to drive after 11pm and don’t plan to drive downtown Detroit after dark. Call it paranoia, but I call it 2017.

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Getting Financially Stable

In the couple days I have driven, I’ve made almost $70 over about 5 hours of being online and ready to accept rides. Mostly home-to-work rides, a couple hotel-to-restaurant rides. While I am sacrificing free time to drive, it’s balancing itself out enough to be worth it. While I don’t find it as a long-term solution, in the short-term I think it’s something that is practical. To have extra money means accommodating what I normally cannot; birthday and Christmas gifts for adults, doing more for kids’ birthdays and maybe even getting a new lens for my camera before baseball season starts in the spring (my telephoto lens broke).

If you have a good running car and are willing to get out of your comfort zone, consider Lyft. My first ride was awkward and rushed, however as the driver I am in control of when I drive, and the drive itself. Making sure I have proper addresses in my phone before I leave alone makes a world of difference for a smooth drive. And as a plus, I get to listen to music the entire time.


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