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I Just Went Shopping!

Are you familiar with feeding a small army? Well let me tell you what, it’s a very true statement when you have a house of 4 kids, 3 of them being boys. Snacks barely make it in the door. Lunch is eaten with just a thought about lunch. I find myself going into the kitchen to make lunch or dinner yelling the same thing every time…I just went shopping!

It’s amazing how much food kids eat. However, it’s equally amazing at how many times the kids can’t find anything. I never thought about how much Mac & Cheese or Pizza Rolls I put away as a kid until I had my own. It’s crazy. Snacks are the worst though. I have to hide them on the fridge and even then, they find them. They have a particular set of skills and it’s eating everything in sight!

In all honesty, it’s crazy to see the eating habits of kids when you have four of them. Serving sizes mean nothing. I’ve always been of the mind that as far as I know, God plans to have my kids be 6-foot 5, so when they want to eat, they eat.

I meant to have this be a longer post, but I can hear the kids in the kitchen. Scheming.

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