Dad's Awesome Life

This past week was pretty busy, and by pretty busy, I mean I need a therapist. Between just a busy week in general, to getting Matthew ready for fifth grade camp, to working towards being a Small Group Leader at church (more on that next week), I am pretty beat. I’ll be honest, this post is late (I like to post on Monday) because I was unsure if I was going to post anything due to how busy it’s been. But, i wanted to¬† to post something small about happiness because I think its good to be reminded of things.

How often do you find yourself complaining about work, or your kids? Not the disrespectful-level of complaining, but just complaining about maybe it being so busy, or your day being non-stop, or how one of your kids won’t get out of your face. Yeah, often.

What If?

It has really made me think what if the things I complained about, even lightly, didn’t exist? What if I didn’t have my kids to complain about wanting to play Minecraft all day long? What if I didn’t have this job that at times is unfulfilling? It’s more than that, it’s a faith thing.

Do Everything…

Philippians 2:14 says “Do everything without grumbling or arguing” (NIV). Everything. You know how hard that is, I know you do. We all struggle with this, but I think we can take this verse and learn from it. The opposite of grumbling and arguing about something would be joy and delight.

Team Exercise

Let’s try it together this week. Instead of complaining about that co-worker or how one of your kids can’t seem to find the kitchen sink, even if it’s lighthearted, trade the complaining in for finding joy in the moment. Thank God for that job. Thank God for that child, because your life would be amazingly different without either and God has each of us right where he wants us; exactly where we need to be.

Dad's Awesome Life


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