Free LEGO Life Magazine Subscription

Free LEGO Life Magazine Subscription

When is the last time you stepped on a LEGO? There is no other pain like it, is there? Well, I have some fun news! I’m talking about the free LEGO Life magazine!

What’s In The Free LEGO Life Magazine?

The free magazine includes comics, activities, competitions and everything you need to know about LEGO, including some sneak peeks at new sets!

Who is the free LEGO Life Magazine For?

The free magazine is designed for kids 5-10 years old, but let’s face it; we’ll be checking it out too. At least I will.

How Do You Sign Up for free LEGO Life Magazine?

Check out the free magazine sign up page! From here, you can click that green “Sign Up Your Child” button to get started. The sign up will ask things like your child’s name, age, gender and things like that. Nothing too crazy.

The free magazine is sent out 4 times a year.

Bring on the creativity!


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