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Kids & Church

Last month, I posted about Uncommon Men and the type of man God expects us to be, but I didn’t touch much on kids & church. This past summer, we found our church home and was pulled towards doing something. I was always one to wait for the right moment, which never came; I procrastinated. With this new leaf and chapter in my life, I have turned to service around kids. Read More

Dad's Awesome Life


This past week was pretty busy, and by pretty busy, I mean I need a therapist. Between just a busy week in general, to getting Matthew ready for fifth grade camp, to working towards being a Small Group Leader at church (more on that next week), I am pretty beat. I’ll be honest, this post is late (I like to post on Monday) because I was unsure if I was going to post anything due to how busy it’s been. But, i wanted to¬† to post something small about happiness because I think its good to be reminded of things. Read More

Peace and Quiet

Sadly, that is not me in the above picture enjoying what could be a cup of coffee. I also don’t wear blue socks.

The second week of school is underway, and things are pretty quiet over here at the house. While back to school can bring different emotions, now that the first week is out of the way it’s time to start turning inward. With peace and quiet, what can I get back into tip-top shape around here? Read More

Dad's Awesome Life

Back to School 2017

That wonderful time of the year is here; back to school! That’s right, the time when my kids aren’t sure if they should be excited or if they should cry. It’s not only a mix of emotions for the kids, but for us parents too. On one hand, we’re excited. Yes! Back to school! Get out of my FACE! On the other hand, we’re sad. Fifth grade already? OMG STOP GROWING! For me, it was a bit of joy mixed with a bit of sadness. This year, all four of the kids are in school. Read More