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This past week was pretty busy, and by pretty busy, I mean I need a therapist. Between just a busy week in general, to getting Matthew ready for fifth grade camp, to working towards being a Small Group Leader at church (more on that next week), I am pretty beat. I’ll be honest, this post is late (I like to post on Monday) because I was unsure if I was going to post anything due to how busy it’s been. But, i wanted to  to post something small about happiness because I think its good to be reminded of things. Read More

Dad's Awesome Life

Wrapping Up Summer

As a parent, the end of summer is just before back to school. It doesn’t matter that Fall (the best season, by the way) doesn’t start until later in September. School is next week, that means this is the last week of summer. The last week of riding bikes outside all day, playing in the dirt, watching cartoons all day and staying up late. Not only does this week signify the start of a whole new world as parents (more on that next week), but it also signifies the end of being laid back and letting kids push boundaries. Read More

Uncommon Men - Dad's Awesome Life

Uncommon Men

I have noticed something over the last year or so; men need God. That’s it. I am not putting myself up on some platform here and I am sure my ex-Wife would validate that claim, but there needs to come a time when men need to step up, and not be typical men, but be uncommon men. Read More