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Kids & Church

Last month, I posted about Uncommon Men and the type of man God expects us to be, but I didn’t touch much on kids & church. This past summer, we found our church home and was pulled towards doing something. I was always one to wait for the right moment, which never came; I procrastinated. With this new leaf and chapter in my life, I have turned to service around kids. Read More

Dad's Awesome Life


This past week was pretty busy, and by pretty busy, I mean I need a therapist. Between just a busy week in general, to getting Matthew ready for fifth grade camp, to working towards being a Small Group Leader at church (more on that next week), I am pretty beat. I’ll be honest, this post is late (I like to post on Monday) because I was unsure if I was going to post anything due to how busy it’s been. But, i wanted to¬† to post something small about happiness because I think its good to be reminded of things. Read More

Uncommon Men - Dad's Awesome Life

Uncommon Men

I have noticed something over the last year or so; men need God. That’s it. I am not putting myself up on some platform here and I am sure my ex-Wife would validate that claim, but there needs to come a time when men need to step up, and not be typical men, but be uncommon men. Read More