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Can I Rant for a Second?

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I’m not an angry person, but do you know what gets me upset? I mean UPSET? Parents who fail to be a responsible parent. It makes me furious!

This morning, I read about a toddler who died after the Mother found her outside on the porch frozen. I use the title Mother loosely here.

What the heck is going on with parents who can’t be responsible. This was a 2-year old child who cannot take care of himself in any way yet. It’s not like this child could run to a neighbor’s house and bang on the door, not that a child who could do that would make this ok. It’s not ok, alright?

I can’t find the article, but I read something similar about this last year also; a small child, 4-years old was found laying on the porch dead. In the article, the news quoted a parent in saying the child has been known to open doors. REALLY? WELL WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT THAT?

There are these cool things called barrel bolt locks. You know the kind – you lift the lever up and slide it over, setting it back down keeping it in place. I’m pretty sure, if you set that 6-feet up the door, a 4-year old is not going to get out the door. Just a thought from a – you know – responsible parent.

Before someone goes off on me for claiming I’m perfect, I’m not. We all fall short of the glory of God. However, to let your child die on the front porch? 2-years old? What were you doing for that amount of time to not realize your 2-year old not around.

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