Being Dad is Enough

Being Dad is Enough
Being Dad is Enough (Credit: Pixabay)

When it comes to being a Dad, I love it. Everything about it satisfies every part of my being. Nothing can compete to the joy, laughter, and happiness that happens as a Dad. Being a Dad is where I am the happiest and most comfortable. In some eyes, that’s disappointing. As a man, I should have a six-figure job and work eighty hours a week. As a man, I should have a Wife. Despite this being 2018, the stereotypes do not go away. What if being Dad is enough? What if this is my purpose?

No One Can Match What a Parent Contributes to Their Children

At a church the kids and I checked out in 2017, info cards they gave out every week had ideas for Christ-like conversations with your children. Things like listening to a Christian radio station on the way to school, a discussion topic for dinner and prayer ideas for before bed. The reason for this is because the amount of time a parent has with their children to affect their lives is much more significant than anyone else. A teacher, doctor or youth pastor who comes in contact with your children will not impact them the way a parent will. Being a full-time parent is a far more valuable job than most out there. The rewards are endless.
This also means that parents are in control of what their children absorb. The phrase “a child’s mind is like a sponge” isn’t some saying people throw around. I have had conversations with my children in the past, and one of them will approach me days later asking: “What did you mean when you said that?”. Being a full-time parent helps you play content manager to an extent. You have more time to have discussions, more time to get involved. Don’t get discouraged when it seems like nothing is working. Serious things like a child cussing, to things I deal with where Andrew wants to say “Why you gotta play me bruh?”, It doesn’t mean we’re failing as parents. Children are resilient and can bounce back from our mistakes to become well-adjusted adults.

Being A Full-Time Parent Isn’t Always Possible

Not everyone can be a full-time parent. Today, most households need two working parents, or many jobs if you’re a single parent. I am blessed to have a remote career where I can work from home. It is easier for me to be closer to a full-time parent than someone who has to work forty-hour weeks and only gets a few hours a day or less with their kids. Remote jobs that can meet all your family’s financial goals are hard to find. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice one thing for another. For me, I choose to forgo a potential better paying position, for the flexibility I get to be as close to that full-time Dad as possible.
If you are a Dad who finds a way to make being a full-time dad their primary “job”, then you have a job that ranks among the highest anywhere. Nothing is more satisfying than being hands-on and involved in the growth of your children. For Dads who aren’t able to have the flexibility to be close to that full-time parent mark, you are even more critical. The time you get to affect your children is much less due to work obligations outside of the house.
Keep going. You’re doing great. Being dad is enough, so whether you get 24-hours to be around your kids or you get 5-hours, you’re killing it.

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