Back to School 2017

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That wonderful time of the year is here; back to school! That’s right, the time when my kids aren’t sure if they should be excited or if they should cry. It’s not only a mix of emotions for the kids, but for us parents too. On one hand, we’re excited. Yes! Back to school! Get out of my FACE! On the other hand, we’re sad. Fifth grade already? OMG STOP GROWING! For me, it was a bit of joy mixed with a bit of sadness. This year, all four of the kids are in school.

Kindergarten. Second Grade. Fourth Grade. Fifth Grade. I kinda feel like I’m keeping track of the only years I did good in school, but no; these are the grades the Edney family is representing this year! We actually, may run the school. I’m not so sure yet.

Every year there are new challenges and this year is no different.


Dad's Awesome Life
Emma’s First Day of Kindergarten (2017-18)

Today marks Emma’s first full day in school. I would be lying if I said I was comfortable with this. The house is too quiet without her hugs every ten minutes, or asking if she can play on the “Station” every 2 minutes (Emma plays Minecraft. She digs holes and gets stuck. Turns it off. Rinse, repeat). Her teacher had all three boys in Kindergarten, I am pretty excited for that because I absolutely love this teacher.




Dad's Awesome Life
Josh’s First Day of Second Grade (2017-18)


Joshua also has the same teacher as his older brothers had for second grade. I’m excited for him to continue to grow and learn to control himself. Josh is an excited kid (he almost beat a kid up over this past weekend. True story), so he tends to get worked up, put his hands on people and get loud. Last year, he had a couple meltdowns that resulted in him going home. I look forward to a year free of that (fingers and eyes are crossed).



Dad's Awesome Life
Andrew’s First Day of Fourth Grade (2017-18)


Andrew has a new teacher. In fourth grade, they start swapping classes between the two fourth grade classes. This teacher was there last year, but Matt didn’t have her. I’ve heard good things and look forward to what fourth grade will bring him. (Also, look at that picture! He looks like a high school kid! Ugh, I’m old)



Dad's Awesome Life
Matt’s First Day of Fifth Grade (2017-18)


Matt starts fifth grade and I am hopeful more than excited. He went through a lot last year with bullying, and the teacher he has seems to be extremely caring, but also no non-sense. I hope this, in combination with Matt learning to speak up more often will result in a better year for him. Fifth grade camp is in two weeks, but I won’t go into details because I’m not ready to have an anxiety attack.



These kids are going to CRUSH this year. I am so excited for it!

Dad's Awesome Life


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