About Jon

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I’m a Dad of 4 amazing kids, Pepsi and music lover, blogger and writer. Sometimes, I sleep.

Hi, I’m Jon Edney. I am a web hosting professional, Linux enthusiast and programmer. When I am not tinkering on something, I write about various topics for my site Dad’s Awesome Life. Topics like parenting, school, kids, being a man of God, relationships, and how I screwed up my Marriage.

I don’t consider myself an extraordinary person, but I do have experiences that I want to share, valleys that I have been in too long, and a path that I have walked back to a God I turned my back on. It’s not about religion, but about faith. Having 4 kids and no longer being married to their Mother, I understand the pitfalls I have put my own kids in with being neglegent in my own life and faith. This is where I pull inspiration for my writing, blog posts and anything else I post online.