Summer Activities for Kids

Summer Activities for Kids

Welcome back, everyone! Kicking off the return blog post, we’re talking about summer activities. Last year, summer was spent getting moved into our new house! Many kids finished up school last week, and mine finish up this Friday. As a single Dad, summers get crazy, so I am always looking ahead to what we can do, and how I can do more than let summer vacation be a summer of doing random, everyday things. Continue Reading

Tween Attitudes - Dad's Awesome Life

5 Ways to Handle Tween Attitudes

It’s Inevitable, Mr. Anderson”

What Agent Smith was really trying to tell Neo in The Matrix, is that as your child creeps up to being a teenager, that teenage attitude comes well before the age. Some days, my ten-year-old is going on sixteen. For my twelve-year-old, the attitude isn’t as frequent and is usually limited to short responses to the conversation at hand. The season of tween attitudes is here! Continue Reading


It’s Been A Minute

In November, I decided to take a break from blogging. I chose to take a break, and think about if I really wanted to continue blogging. I was enjoying it, and the social media involvement that came with it, but I began questioning if I was happy with it.

I wasn’t. Continue Reading


The Importance of “I Love You”

Growing up, if there is one thing I remember, it’s that I was loved. My Mom was a stay-at-home Mom who lived to take care of our home, my Dad and my Sister and I. On the surface, it was a good feeling knowing I was taken care of. However, the thing that was missing in this picture was the same thing from my Dad. The only time I can remember hearing โ€œI love youโ€ from my Dad was when there were complications from my first bornโ€™s birth. While Iโ€™ve come to terms with not getting that sort of thing from my Dad, it has shaped the type of Dad I am now.

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