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A couple weeks ago, I ran up to the corner gas station for a Pepsi. I frequent this gas station since it's so close....

Can I Rant for a Second?

I'm not an angry person, but do you know what gets me upset? I mean UPSET? Parents who fail to be a responsible parent....

5 Skills Kids Learn from Gaming

Throughout our journey as parents, we have many chances to teach our kids and watch them experience life. There is nothing better than watching...

Sharing Faith

When it comes to being a parent, nothing can be more important than building your child up with character, wisdom and skills. After all,...

Give Time Not Things

Seven!  The downstairs was full of laughter and little feet running around.  Eight!  I could hear Andrew say "Hurry, hurry!"  Nine!  Things got silent downstairs.  TEN!  The Game "Go get 'em Daddy!" Emma yells...

5 Ways I Ruined My Marriage

It's been about a year and a half since I realized I ruined my marriage - a truck speeding downhill with 10 years of...

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Welcome to my awesome life, online - my original blog about being a single dad of 4. Since high school I've always wanted to write. From poetry and songs to short stories, I wrote a lot. The desire kind of...

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